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September, 2020 Last Update

The service has a modern minimalistic website and its rating is quite impressive. They claim to have writers from the USA, GB, and Canada, who hold a degree and undoubtedly deliver quality works. Is it 100% true about WriteMyPapers service? As far as we’ve found out, No.
So, let’s dig down.

Range of Services –What Is Their Scope of Operations?

WriteMyPapers platform offers typical writing services for students, such as essays, coursework, dissertations, research papers, speech writing, and many others. Besides this, proofreading and editing are also available to order, and a Grammar Checker tool they provide for free.
On the website, they also describe lots of disciplines, which their writers are supposedly experts in and can provide assistance to the clients. As far as we investigated, though, there are professional writers on the platform with good knowledge in other fields, but their cost is not always affordable to students.

Writemypapers Subjects

More often, for reasonable price clients have to deal with writers, who have little understanding in a particular discipline and deliver works, which are not worthy of an A.

Pricing and Discount Policy

Writemypapers Prices

The platform has a price list, where the cost depends on the deadline. Also, the price is higher for rare subjects, which require more expertise. Besides this, WriteMyPapers service offers a 7% discount for new customers.
In general, the pricing seems lower than in their competitors and starts from $11,99. However, this price is valid only for the longest deadline – 14 days. The shorter the term, the higher the price. As a result, the cost of services at this platform is the same as on the market.

Quality of Writemypapers.com

The platform claims to provide 100% good quality of works. However, we would rather say it’s like a lottery – the quality of your work will depend on the writer you get assigned. And, disconcertingly, not all of them are real professionals.
Together with good testimonials, we’ve found some discouraging too.
It happens that people order an academic paper from a ‘degree-holding author’, but the result is controversial: not always the structure is sustained, lots of colloquial words slip in, and the subject can be not covered properly.

Guarantees Available

On Writemypapers.com they ensure you to provide a complete refund for the unsatisfactory work. We haven’t found much feedback regarding this issue, but according to a few comments, people, who weren’t happy with their assignments received only a part of the amount paid, haven’t received it at all, or received but with a significant delay.

Support for Customers and Its Response Rate

Writemypapers Support

To contact the WriteMyPapers service, you have several ways on the website: email address, live chat button, messengers, and three phone numbers, which are American, Australian, and British.
Some customer reviews suggest that the service is really 24/7 as stated on the website, with quick replies. At the same time, others complain about the long response time. We’ve made an assumption that some categories of customers are served quicker than others, depending on the request nature.

Online Reputation and Testimonials From Former Customers

WriteMyPapers service has quite a high rating according to the reviews on some websites, and surprisingly low ranking according to others. The most disappointing feedback, on our point, is about the quality of writing and the presence of mistakes, as it is unacceptable for a service, which presents itself as a database of expert writers.

Writemypapers Testimonials

Pros and Cons

To summarize main points of our research on WriteMyPapers service, first, we’ve outlined some benefits:

  • free revisions and bibliographical references;
  • secure payments and protection of financial information;
  • discounts available.

Drawbacks prevail, though:

  • extra payment for editing and plagiarism reports;
  • writing instructions are not always followed;
  • low cost only for average writers, while professional authors require high price;
  • in reality, a few authors from the platform are competent in other study areas.


After the precise evaluation of the services provided by the WriteMyPapers platform and their cooperation with customers, we’ve come to the conclusion that the service is not ideal. You can’t be sure that your particular work will be delivered without any grammatical mistakes and problems in structure.
Moreover, those praising words about degree-holding authors are only partially true, as real experts cost a lot, and not all average students can afford it. More often, the works are written by mid-level authors, and are more suitable for high school requirements than for college standards.

FAQ: Uncover Interesting Facts About Writemypapers Platform

What does the price of my work depend on?

Initially, the price depends on the deadline. For typical writing assignments completed in 2 weeks by an undergraduate, the minimum price is $11.99, whereas for 3 hours result, you will have to pay as much as $43. And, again, it’s not a professional writer, who will do this job for you. The more qualified a person is, the higher price will be set.
Also, the type of subject area may add extra price to the overall cost of writing.

Am I guaranteed of 100% original work?

According to the website, plagiarism reports, and editing service is not for free. And it contradicts their claim to deliver 100% plagiarism-free works, as well as top quality, which they describe.
The logic says if your works are completely original, why do users have to pay extra to receive this plagiarism reports?

How soon can I get my order completed?

The minimum time, for which the authors of WriteMyPapers can cope with your task is 3 hours, the maximum deadline usually doesn’t exceed 14 days.
However, the faster you need your work to be done, the more you are going to pay. Again, this time is estimated for the first draft copy of your work, and revision is not included. Thus, it requires extra time to work on them.

What discounts are available at Writemypapers.com?

The service offers a 7-10% discount to newbies of the platform. If the cost of your order equals or more than $500, you can get a 5% discount. With the project cost of $1000 or more, a 10% discount will be given to you.
It’s stated that you should keep track of emails sent from the service, as there may be a discount or promo code too. However, based on several reviews we’ve studied, the last discount type wasn’t spotted.

Under what principle the writer is assigned to my order?

It’s worth saying that in comparison to some competitor’s websites, here the writer is chosen for your work by WriteMyPapers team. You’re not able to select a particular author after reviewing his/her profile, as it’s not how this system works. For someone, it’s a benefit, for others a disadvantage.
It is interesting, however, that claiming to have only top quality writers, the platform can’t actually prove it in any way, as they decide themselves, which writer is suitable for you.

Can I contact my writer directly?

Yes, the platform provides such an option in case you need to specify the details of your assignment or give certain instructions.
For that, in your private account at Writemypapers.com you have to find your order and chose who you want to get in touch with. After that, you will be able to send your message.
The only restriction, the writer, is not allowed to disclose his personal information on security grounds. Thus, you will not discover much about him/her.

Are the works always delivered on time at Writemypapers.com?

As far as we researched, in most cases, you receive your assignment on time agreed. Sometimes, though, it may happen that the work is late. In this case, the first thing you should do is contact the customer support and describe the situation.
They conduct their own investigation, and if the work is late because of the writer, they claim to give you a refund. If a deadline wasn’t met due to a client’s fault, no refund you should expect.

On which conditions can I get a refund?

On the main page of the website Writemypapers.com they display an advertisement for a complete refund guarantee. If you read the information further, you will find out that they offer three free revisions of your work in case you don’t like the delivered result.
However, if their Quality Assurance Department assumes that the work meets your stated requirements, you will be refused the revision, and thus, the refund.