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September, 2020 Last Update

Writemypaperforme.org is a writing service for students, where you can buy any academic assignment for your study. This service works form 2014 and has a mostly positive reputation among users. But is this reputation real? Writemypaper4me has pretty high prices, very few discounts, and questionable quality of works. They present examples of writings on the website so that you can estimate them by yourself. Nevertheless, we did it for you – and the quality was lower than we expected. Generally, despite the normal reputation, this service has questionable moments you need to know about before using it.

Range of Services

Writemypaper4me Services

It’s hard to find the list of services on Writemypaper4me.org. It’s the first thing that makes using the website uncomfortable. The second one – is a lot of useless text on the main page. Anyway, Writemypaper4me provides academic writing for any level – from high school to Master’s and Ph.D. Also, you can order editing, proofreading, or even a presentation. You can choose a deadline by yourself – from 3 hours to 10+ days. Obviously, short deadlines are more expensive. As we understood, the main focus of Writemypaper4me.org is providing essays of any kind. But again, there is not much information about types of writings on the website.

Prices and Discounts

Writemypaper4me Prices

This service is definitely not the cheapest. Prices start at $15 per page for the high school level essay with a deadline of 10+ days. The sooner you want to get your order, the higher the price will be. A college-level essay with a deadline of 2 days will cost you $25 per page. If we are talking about the Ph.D. level, it will be $45 per page. Pretty expensive, right? They must have really professional writers for prices like that. The only discount you can get is 15% off for your first order. There are no discounts for regular customers, or we just couldn’t find them because of the poor informativeness of the website.

Quality of Writemypaper4me Works

The quality of works can be estimated by every user. You can find examples of writings on writemypaper4me.org, and it’s a single useful feature about their website. But the quality of works turned out to be an unpleasant surprise. We noticed unprofessional mistakes in every essay, both spelling and logical. And the formatting was wrong in every second example. Right spaces and margins got ignored by writers, or they just didn’t know it was important. Both ways, it’s inappropriate for serious academic assignments.
We found several typos as well, which means that level of proofreading is not perfect too. The language of Ph.D. works seemed to be too simple for the Ph.D. level. It can be a sign that writers on Writemypaper4me are not well-educated and native in English.

Guarantees and Customer Support

Writemypaper4me Support

Guarantees are a little bit questionable. At first, writemypaper4me.org guarantees to provide you a 100% unique work, but then you find a note that every work can contain 10% of not original content. It’s hard to fully trust Writemypaper4me after this.
If you are not satisfied with your order, you can ask for a revision within 14 days. If you miss this term, your request will be considered a new order.
Customer support of Writemypaper4me works via e-mail and online chat. It’s available 24\7. Workers are friendly and polite; we had a positive experience talking to them. But there is no option of consultation by the phone. It’s disappointing, especially for such a big service.

Online Reputation

There are a lot of positive comments about this writing service. They seem to be real, but you shouldn’t forget that some comments may be fake and made as advertising. Nevertheless, you can find a negative review too.

Writemypaper4me Report

People complain about many additional charges, high prices, disappointing levels of language, and poor quality of works. Users say that level of writings is close to elementary school. Some customers blame Writemypaper4me for being money crooks.

Writemypaper4me Scam

Pros and Cons


  • useful customer support service;
  • big variety of academic levels;
  • online reputation is nor bad.


  • poor quality of writings;
  • high prices for no reason;
  • website is hard to navigate;
  • writers are not as professional as it stated.


Writemypaper4me doesn’t seem to be the worst writing service ever, but we won’t recommend you to use it. They have tricky guarantees, that can cause plagiarism in your work. Prices and additional charges are too high. There are mistakes in their works, and writers can’t handle papers formatting. It won’t be hard to find a better writing service with a higher level of language and more adequate prices.

FAQ: Answers to Popular Questions About writemypaper4me.Org

Is Writemypaper4me legit?

Yes, it’s a real company with real writers. You can talk to customer support service, and they will guide you through their services and terms. If you pay for your order, you will get it delivered. But pay attention to the quality of writings. It does not match the price, so you can lose your money and time by using this service.

Is it plagiarism-free?

It’s mentioned on the website that your paper will be 100% unique. But is it real? If you read the chapter “Company’s Responsibilities,” you will find out that every writing can contain up to 10% of non-unique material. So, at first, they promise you a totally original paper, and then you find copied material in it. Some users complain about copied parts of writings with no credits, which can be considered as plagiarism.

What are the prices on Writemypaper4me.org?

Prices on Writemypaper4me are above average. The minimal price for high school level writing is $15 per page, with a deadline of 10+ days. College and university levels will be more expensive, Master’s and Ph.D. levels – obviously, it will cost even more. Also, the price depends on the deadline and number of pages. Editing price starts from $6 per page, which is quite expensive too. Sometimes, you can face unexpected additional charges, so be careful.

Who are the writers?

The service promises to have professional and educated writers with native English. Nevertheless, it’s hard to check. Quality of papers didn’t make us believe this statement. There are some silly mistakes that only high school students could make. Some sentences don’t sound like they were written by a native English speaker. For the extra money, you can choose a premium writer, but will it worth it? We don’t think so.

Can I get a discount?

Writemypaper4me didn’t care enough to provide decent information about their discounts. You can get 15% off for your first order. But are there any discounts for regular customers? We haven’t found any. Maybe, they just don’t expect customers to come back.

Is Writemypaper4me a high-quality service?

There are many positive reviews on Writemypaper4me.org, so we can’t say it’s a bad writing service. Nevertheless, we can’t call it good either. If you order a paper from this service, be ready to find mistakes and wrong formatting in it. Also, some sentences may not make any sense. The level of language is disappointing too. It’s hard to find a professional writer in a specific field – writers fail serious papers about finance, politics, chemistry. Therefore, we recommend you to find another writing service.

Will Customer Support help me?

Yes. Customer support works nice and fast. Operators are friendly and ready to help you with your problems. You can contact them using chat or e-mail. There is no option of a phone call, though. It’s a little bit uncomfortable if you have a difficult detailed question.

Does Writemypaper4me have a good reputation online?

The comments about this service are mostly positive. But remember that some of them may be fake. To understand the real reputation, you should read both good and bad comments. There are many unsatisfied customers who complain about the quality of writings, unprofessional workers, and tricky guarantees. It seems to be risky to use this service. You never know if you get a good paper, mentioned in a 5-star comment, or a terrible one, mentioned in a 1-star review.