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September, 2020 Last Update

Ultius website is full of information claiming that the company provides its customers with premium quality service. Is it really so? The thing we found about Ultius is that they never keep their promises. According to the website, they employ only 6% of the applicants and only the ones with a degree in one of the subjects. Nevertheless, if you check out the reviews about Ultius online, there will be found many negative testimonials claiming the quality of Ultius papers is very poor. Let’s check out whether Ultius is worth using.

Range of Services: What Services Does Ultius Offer?

Ultius Services

According to the Ultius homepage, they offer quite regular services, nothing special. For instance, they can help you with writing college essays, research papers, thesis, dissertation, editing, business writing, and admission essays. However, if you need an online assignment or lab report, Ultius writers will not help you. Therefore, you would better utilize other custom writing service.

Pricing and Discount Policy

Ultius Prices

The prices for various services that Ultius company offers depend on such features as academic level, urgency, number of pages, and word count. For example, the lowest price for a one-page high school paper is $17.50, which is quite too expensive if compared to other services online. Also, if you need editing in 10 days, you should pay $14 per page. To sum up, we were quite upset about the prices by Ultius since they are not affordable at all and far from being called reasonable. Therefore, we recommend using service with much fairer pricing policy.

Quality: Is It Good One?

If you do not care about the grade you receive, use Ultius…However, if you want a high-quality paper to receive the best grades for your professor to be impressed, you would better use another website. According to the reviews about Ultius online, the biggest sin of this company is plagiarism. It seems like they just copy-paste the text, and after adjusting it a bit, they send it to you. Sometimes they seem to use paraphrasing tools though. However, is such a paper suitable for you? We guess you could have utilized the paraphrasing tool yourself without paying so much money for your essay.

Guarantees: What Are the Company’s Promises?

Despite the facts mentioned above, Ultius grants 100% originality of their essays, 24/7 customer support, free title, and reference page as well as free revisions. One of the trustworthy data among these is that they give a free revision. They claim you might ask for a free revision for an unlimited number of times. However, is it useful when you are running out of time, and your deadline is coming up? We guess you would better utilize the other website if you want a premium quality paper that does not need to be revised and will be delivered on time.

Support: Are These Guys Professional?

Ultius Support

To contact a customer support representative, you might use several methods. First of all, you might call them by phone. Secondly, you may utilize a live chat option, ALISA Chatbot, and Messenger. Nevertheless, you should never expect a fast response from them. Wait for some time until they give you an answer to your query. The good news is that these guys are rather polite when they message you.

Online Reputation: What Do Customers Think About Ultius?

Most of the customers complain about the poor quality of the service and too high prices. Some of them say that Ultius is a kind of a rip-off. Moreover, the Internet is full of negative reviews about Ultius that never recommend using this website to their peers and friends.

Ultius Testimonials

Pros and Cons

The main pros of Ultius:

  • round the clock customer support.

The main cons of Ultius:

  • too expensive prices;Ultius Review: Truth Whether This Company Is Legit or a Scam?
  • very poor papers’ quality.


To sum up, the truth about Ultius is that it is not one of the worst websites we have ever encountered online but actually the worst one. We would recommend using this website only to our enemies and crazy people. If you want high-quality assistance, you would rather choose other websites that do not tolerate plagiarism, unlike Ultius writers.

FAQ – Users Would Like to Know More About

Will Ultius give my personal data to any third party?

According to the company’s terms and conditions, they will never do it except for when the court will require it. In other cases, they say you can be sure that your personal information will be kept secret. However, why then so many customers complain that after they utilized Ultius they were bombarded with a huge number of email letters? We guess Ultius sells the personal information to services that buy it and use it for the same purpose.

Is Ultis a scam?

You might have used a number of writing and editing services online in the past. Ultius is like any other of them. No way you will find something new and exclusive about it. However, the prices for this service are rather high, and the quality is, unfortunately, a bit poor. So if you want the answer to whether Ultius is legit or scam, we offer you a chance to decide it yourself after having a look at this review.

Is Ultius a legal company?

Fortunately, Ultius is a legit company. You may find all the proofs on this in the terms and conditions sections. However, if you are looking for a high-quality service, you would rather try another custom writing service website since there are too many customers who complain about the quality of Ultius papers.

What should I do if my writer does not respond?

Sometimes it might happen that the writer or editor does not give you an answer. To speed up the process of responding, you might contact the customer support representative and kindly ask them to contact the writer or editor. Ultius states, however, that this will not happen in their company. Anyway, there are some customers who complained about such negligence in Ultius.

What if I want to cooperate with another writer?

You are free as a bird when deciding with whom to cooperate. If you want another writer to work with, Ultius claim that you should write to the customer support and kindly ask them to change the writer. They will do it easily and without hurting the feelings of anyone, according to the Ultius policy. However, we guess that these guys will not like to lose money, so they just pretend to be diplomates when solving this issue. So, we would not like to work for Ultius and be in their shoes if they might treat them so cruelly.

Can you skip the quality check review if I need my paper earlier?

Unfortunately, because of bureaucracy, the Ultius staff will not let you such a chance no matter how bad you might want it. Therefore, you would rather hire a more flexible writer from a different company if you need your paper very fast.

Can I extend my deadline?

If you want, you can extend your deadline. However, you cannot reduce the deadline if you wish, which is a big minus. To extend your deadline, you should contact the customer support representative and kindly ask them to assist you with it.

What should I do if I dislike my paper in the aftermath?

First of all, you should not get depressed about it. Just ask the writer or customer support representative to revise your essay. Ultius offers free revisions for a number of times. However, you should keep in mind that you will lose a lot of time asking for a revision even if it is free of charge. Therefore, you would rather hire a more responsible writer to help you cope with your academic writing.

What should I do if the revised paper is still not good?

If the final version of your essay is not acceptable for you still, you should ask your writer to revise the paper one more time. Note that Ultius writers might get mad about this because they are not paid for revisions.

Should I give my writer a tip if I like the paper very much?

It is not obligatory. Instead of paying, you can send them a message with “Thank you” or etc. words. They sat they appreciate your gratefulness and would like to cooperate with you in the future if you wish. However, the reality is that you would rarely want to thank Ultius writers or editors.