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September, 2020 Last Update

On the Web, students may find lots of paper writing services. But are they all legit? How do you know that the company is a credible one? Speedy Paper is another online service for students where you can seek help with academic assignments. But is it a trustworthy service? On the Internet, you will find both positive and negative feedback related to SpeedyPaper work. Where is the truth? Can those negative comments be justified? 

Range of Services

SpeedyPaper is an online paper writing service. It aims to help students with academic assignments. On the website, you will find a range of services that writers can deal with. There are so many options, such as dissertation and essay writing. You can also ask for rewriting, editing, or paraphrasing activities. But is the quality of the services good? 

Speedypaper List of Services

Pricing and Discount Policy

Pricing at SpeedyPaper.com is average. When you go to the website and get acquainted with the prices, you will see a wide range of options. But most of these options aren’t the cheapest ones. Actually, you will find a nice offer with a longer deadline and fewer options available for you. If you have an urgent matter or need to make additional amendments, you will have to pay. The price truly depends on all the supplements. As for the discounts, you will get one as a first-time user. Then you will need to monitor the promos and discounts on your own. 

Speedypaper Prices

Quality of the Services and Papers

In short, the quality of the papers is the most important aspect for students. If a company provides poor writing standards, no one will place an order on the website. But what is the quality at speedypaper.com? Students claim that in many cases, the quality of the works leaves much to be desired. Writers at speedypaper.com make awkward mistakes in the texts. Furthermore, the style and personal requirements aren’t always followed.


If you find some mistakes or want to change any parts of the final document, you will be able to ask for free revisions at the speedypaper.com service. But is it really true? Website users agree that you will get revisions of the document, but the service isn’t free. There are chances that you will get free options. But in reality, most of the students can’t reach three or more free revisions, as mentioned on the website. Moreover, you need to always mind the time frames. If you ask for revisions in 7 or more days, most likely, your request will be denied.

Support Team: Does It Work Great?

As with any other online writing service, you need to have great support from a team of writers and managers at Speedy Paper. Support managers are those people who will direct you to the right writer and find answers to the questions. Unfortunately, support isn’t one of the strengths of the speedypaper.com company. Users complain that they wait for a long time to have their questions answered. They also say that managers hesitate to give competent pieces of advice. And all these factors corrupt the good name of the company. 

Speedypaper Support

Online Reputation

Online reputation is quite a controversial topic for online paper writing services. There are so many people who leave their feedback related to the company’s results and competence. But when it comes to SpeedyPaper the situation is clear. Students don’t want to come back for more services. Thus, the company loses its clients.

Speedypaper Report

Pros and Cons

When you decided to initiate cooperation with SpeedyPapers.com, you will get both pros and cons. What should you expect from the service? 

  • first and foremost, you will be able to ask for help in so many different disciplines. The range of services is really great;
  • second of all, you have a chance to receive a comparatively good paper for a low price. 

But these are mostly all the benefits that you can take from SpeedyPaper. You will most likely have to pay more for additional features, like tight deadlines or additional revisions. The quality of the papers will also be not the best. 

Verdict and Conclusions

The verdict is clear. If you don’t have money to ask for professional service, you can turn to SpeedyPaper. The chances are low that you will get a nice paper. So, if you have a chance, choose another service for academic paper writing if you mind your grades. 

FAQ: Find Answers to Popular Questions

Who will deal with the papers at SpeedyPaper?

These are the writers who work in the company. These should be native speakers or people with a great level of the language. They are said to have a degree and provide high-quality works. But in reality, you will come up with a paper written by an amateur. The text can contain awkward mistakes. Moreover, the style of the writing could be misused.

What are the final papers that don’t meet my expectations?

To be true, writers at SpeedyPaper have to check it one more time and suggest free revisions. But you will hardly get good results from these revisions. You can also ask to change the writer. But it can take time to find another one. So in most cases, you will have no chance to improve the paper. Or you can find ways to make the paper better. But in this case, you will have to pay more. There are different tariffs, and you need to keep them in mind. The service will ask you for more money if you want to introduce amendments and change the paper.

Do they write unique papers at SpeedyPaper.com?

They claim to follow strict plagiarism-free policies. But when you get the paper, be ready to receive not a unique one. The writers are supposed to write from scratch. But some students say their papers seem to be rewritten or plagiarized. So be careful when ordering the papers from the website.

Can I get my money back?

Working with SpeedyPaper, you are supposed to get the money back in individual cases. But keep it in mind that there 2 options: you can get either partial or full refunds. And in most cases, you won’t have a chance to get the full sum back. There are different circumstances that will make a full refund impossible.

Does SpeedyPaper have customer support?

If you have questions or need help with the paper, you can contact the support team. There will be a manager to help you with the request. But it often turns out that the response time is very long. You can also get useless information instead of a comprehensive answer to your question.

What is the price for the paper?

If you need to find out the price, you can go to the website and check the possible options there. Nevertheless, the website says that you have a moderate pricing policy; you will have to pay quite a lot for the final paper. There are so many additional features that should be paid for. If you need a paper within a few hours or want something to be changed in the final document version, you will have to add to the initial sum of money.

Can I expect our cooperation to be anonymous?

SpeedyPaper guarantees complete anonymity. They don’t reveal personal information taken from their clients. You shouldn’t worry about it. If they break this rule, they will violate the law. Therefore, you can safely cooperate with SpeedyPaper.com as with any other online paper writing company.