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September, 2020 Last Update

Working with online paper writing service has become a common practice for students. Such services aim to provide professional help with academic paper tasks. But can we trust all of them? On the Internet, you can find lots of offers. And you will even try some of them, but not every offer is a good one. There are so many bad websites that you cannot trust. SameDayEssay is another online company that gives students helping hand with homework assignments. But is it a trustworthy company? 

Range of Services

SameDayEssay.com is an online service. It works with a team of writers to manage academic tasks. The company has a range of services. These aren’t exclusive or exceptional. You can order essay or dissertation writing. There are also many other options for academic writing assignments. Nevertheless, the range of services is enough, and you shouldn’t expect high-quality results. This is what feedback says. But let’s go further and learn other features that SameDayEssay offers.

Samedayessay Services

Pricing and Discount Policy

At SameDayEssay, you will find so many different options. But to get you will have to pay. You can’t ask for some additional features for free. If you need urgent help and paper within a few hours, be ready to give more money. The prices at SameDayEssay.com are average. But when you need some extra services, you will definitely pay more. In terms of discounts, the company will suggest you special offers and freebies. But you will have to read carefully about the discounts at SameDayEssay. There are many pitfalls.

Samedayessay Order


Quality is one of the most important aspects when working with online services. Students consider quality to be a crucial issue for paper writing services. Unfortunately, SameDayEssay couldn’t claim that they provide high-quality service. Their clients leave negative comments after cooperation with the company. They complain about the writer’s professionalism and background because so many papers are full of awkward mistakes. The texts are also badly written and have no logical connections. 


When you go to SameDayEssay.com, you can find the info about free revisions policy. This is what the service promise to provide to unsatisfied students. Given that if you want someone to revise your paper, you can get several free revision options. But in reality, you will need to do your best to take the opportunity. SameDayEssay.com also offers money-back guarantees. To be aware of special conditions, go to their website. There are so many intricate details that will hamper getting your money back.


The support team is the place where you can get help with additional questions. This is also the place where you make the order. Thus, support team managers should respond promptly to the requests of the students. Unfortunately, the support team at SameDayEssay isn’t the best one. Managers hesitate to give quick and useful information about the service. In some cases, you will have to wait for hours to receive the answer. 

Online Reputation

Online companies mind their reputation a lot. The income of the company depends straight upon the reputation on the Web. If the service has a bad name, students won’t have a desire to initiate cooperation. For this reason, it is important to know how clients respond to the given services. Most clients at SameDayEssay have negative thoughts about the service. They leave feedback where complaints about the writers, deadlines, and paper content.

Samedayessay Review

Pros and Cons

What can we say about SameDayEssay? If you want to start working with them, you need to know its pros and cons. 

  • the good news is that you can ask for a wide range of services. There are many options that you can use;
  • you can save some money if you use a discount or promo. There are some special offers on the website. Don’t forget to look for them.

In terms of drawbacks, the quality of the paper is poor. Writers seem to have little knowledge and skills in a discipline. Communication with the clients also leaves much to be desired. 


Having worked with SameDayEssay service, we can draw a conclusion. If you need competent help with your academic assignments, try to look for another online company. Here you won’t get the level you need for your paper writing. 

FAQ: Popular Questions and Answers to Them

Can I track the process at SameDayEssay?

When you place the order, you create a chat with the writer. This is the place where you will know if the order is ready. In the chat, you will be able to ask additional questions or find out the details of the order. Be ready that the response time can vary. Students say they could wait up to hours to get the answers from the writer. So, if you don’t get the answer straight away, you can also reach customer support. 

Can I ask for a refund?

If you see that the final paper doesn’t meet your expectations. Or, if you understand that the writer didn’t pay attention to the initial requirements, you can ask for a refund. You can get either partial or full refund. But the reality is a bit different. Students say that they managed to ask for a partial refund. But it was almost impossible to get the full price back. The company follows strange policies. The rules are quite intricate, and for this reason, students can’t get their money back. 

Who will work on my paper at SameDayEssay?

The company provides students with a team of professional writers. These experts are supposed to have a degree and know the language at a good level. The papers, however, say otherwise. Students complain that the texts are badly written. There are awkward mistakes showing that the writers have poor language skills. Furthermore, students say that the writers don’t always write the texts according to the requirements. 

Will, I get a unique paper from SameDayEssay?

Writers at SameDayEssay.com are said to be real experts in the field. Thus, they are supposed to provide papers from scratch. But in reality, the papers have some signs of plagiarism. Students even say that their works have been fully plagiarized. For this reason, it is a real risk to order the paper from SameDayEssay. Are you ready to manage the consequences? If you want a unique file, you have to turn to another online service with a better reputation.

Do the writers meet the requirements?

When you place the order, you fill in the form. There you mention all the desired details, such as the style, tone of writing, word count, and time frames. Nevertheless, these are the most important details, and some writers omit them. This is a direct violation of the policies that the company follows. This way, students get poorly written documents that they have to change on their own. Are you ready to pay for the paper that you need to change further? 

Is it safe working with SameDayEssay?

In terms of anonymity, you shouldn’t have any worries. If the company breaks the rules and divulge personal information of a student, it will face serious consequences. Therefore, you can be sure that the information won’t be shared with third parties. But is it safe for your reputation to work with SameDayEssay? If you submit a plagiarized and full of mistakes paper, will you get good marks? Definitely not. Working with bad-quality service will harm your good name as a student.