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September, 2020 Last Update

Even though Papersowl claims to help you with any kind of assignment, you will be disappointed with using their service. There are many drawbacks of the company that you should take into account before you begin to use Papersowl service. For instance, it is crucial to mention that these guys tend to utilize materials from Wikipedia, which is unacceptable when composing academic essays. What is more, they tend to ignore using plagiarism checkers at the final step of writing, so you are likely to find a lot of plagiarized text in your paper.

Range of Services: Papersowl offers several things…

Papersowl claims to provide you with a wide range of services. For instance, they may help you with ordinary academic essays, research papers, summaries, dissertations, and thesis. Unfortunately, the company cannot assist you with cover letters, resume, or CV. Moreover, despite the fact they can help you with many types of tasks, the quality of this help is so poor. According to the reviews about Papersowl service online, many customers are depressed about the fact there are too many grammatical mistakes in the essays they received.

Papersowl Services

Pricing and Discount Policy

Papersowl offers several ways of payment. You might pay by American Express, Master Card, VISA, and Discover. However, it is sad to mention that the pricing policy is somewhat unclear. To get to know how much your essay will cost, you should fill in the order form, specifying your email address, which is a big minus. Also, there are no discounts offered either for newbies or loyal customers. So you would possibly utilize another custom writing service with better pricing policy.

Papersowl Prices

Quality: Is this service worthy?

If the writers utilize Wikipedia materials and do not check their final drafts for plagiarism, do you think the quality is premium? We guess you do not if you are an adequate person. Many customers complain about the fact they found a lot of typos and grammatical mistakes in their papers. Of course, Papersowl promises the documents to be written by native English-speaking experts, but it seems that it is only a part of the marketing campaign to draw the attention of many customers.

Guarantees: What does Papersowl grant?

The company promises to keep your personal information secret. What does it mean? It means that your email address, as well as your phone number, will not be given to any third party. Sometime should pass after you use this service to figure out whether this single promise is kept. We used Papersowl service and found out that our spam folder was full of messages of similar services. Do you think it is a coincidence? We do not think so and claim that Papersowl might have sold our personal data to other companies.

Support: Are they polite?

You can write your message to Papersowl customer support representative who is smiling to you, at least, on the photo. Unfortunately, you might contact the support only by a live chat option. No way you can write an email message or call them directly, which is a big minus if you want to save time. However, our overall impression of the support was a mediocre one. On the one hand, they gave us a professional response, but on the other hand, we waited for about 10 minutes till they actually respond.

Also, you may leave your data in the contact form. We tried to do this, but there were no response for several days. Thus, we don’t know if the even receive such reqeusts or simply ignore them.

Papersowl Support

Online Reputation: What do customers think about Papersowl?

Papersowl grants professional assistance and timely delivery. Unfortunately, this is only on the homepage of their website. The reality is that they never follow the instructions. Moreover, the customers are disappointed with the fact you cannot get a full refund even if you prove they ignored the instructions, and the deadline was not met. If you want to keep your nerves and be in high spirits, you would better utilize another service.


Pros and Cons

The pros of Papersowl:

  • round the clock support.

The cons of the service:

  • too much time to wait for the response;
  • very poor paper’s quality.


All things considered, Papersowl is a rather mediocre company that is not recommended to be used. As the customers say, the papers are written by non-experts on the level of a ten-year-old pupil. So can you imagine the reaction of your professor when you hand it to them in?

FAQ – What do people also ask about?

How to begin to cooperate with Papersowl?

Initially, you will have to fill in the order form. Just mention your requirements, specifying the academic level, deadline, number of pages, and word count. Then, your order will be reflected on the dashboard for the writers to choose your project if they like. The writers will offer their bids, and you will have to select the one with the most acceptable and appropriate bid.

Why should I select Papersowl?

This website claims to provide you with the assistance of professional and expert writers who are native English speakers. However, this information seems to be fake because many customers complain exactly about unprofessional help and poor paper quality. Also, the next feature the company grants is the originality of the papers and uniqueness. If you check out the reviews about the service online, you will find out the prevailing majority of them are negative. Most students are not happy because their papers are not genuine and unique.

Where are the writers from?

According to the Papersowl website, all the writers are from English-speaking countries and have a degree in one of the disciplines. However, the truth is that most of them are not from such countries. As one of the customers admitted, the level of English of one of the writers was a bit more than a ten-year-old pupil, which is ridiculous. If you want to get a high-quality paper, you would better choose another writing service website.

What should I do if the writer ignores the instructions?

Papersowl promises to give you a full refund in such a case. However, why then is it beneficial for them to provide you with such a privilege? Some customers claim that their instructions were not followed as well as the deadline, and they received only a partial refund. So do not expect too much from this company since these guys are very mean and greedy: they will never give you your money back once it is on their account.

Will my paper be checked for plagiarism?

Like any other custom writing service company, Papersowl promises your paper will be checked for plagiarism by a proofreader. However, they either do not hire or employ proofreaders. We have monitored the advertisements and job offers of this company and never found the ones hiring the proofreaders or editors. Meaning, these promises are just a second part of the marketing campaign to grab the customer’s attention.

Will my personal data be secret?

Papersowl grants your personal information will not be given to any third party. Unfortunately, the truth is that they might give it to their daughter companies. It might be proved when you find your spam folder on your email account full of the letters advertising custom writing service. How did they get to know your email address? Try to answer this question yourself then, if you doubt.

Will Papersowl guarantee to give me all money back?

In case you are unhappy with the quality of your paper and can prove that your writer ignored the instructions, you might ask the company to give you a full refund. However, the truth is that they are not interested in giving you a complete refund and lose their money. The only thing they can do is to say “Sorry” and give you a partial refund for both sides of the case to be happy.

What should I do if the deadline will not be followed?

Again, you will have to open a dispute where the dispute manager will decide who was guilty in such a situation. However, do not expect too much of such “dispute managers” since all of them are on the side of the writing company that actually pays them.

Are the revisions free?

We checked the Papersowl website and did not find any relevant information, either proving or disapproving this phenomenon. We guess you should pay for the revision because when the revisions were free, they would have stated it directly on their website to draw the attention of a more significant number of customers. As long as they failed to do it, it means they will charge you, at least, a low amount of money for such a service.