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September, 2020 Last Update

Paperhelp is one of the most well-known essay writing services. However, is it good enough? Are its prices reasonable? Despite the fact the company claims to guarantee plagiarism and mistakes-free papers, the reality is different. Also, despite the fact the company promises proper customer support, they are too slow to react and give a response. Moreover, there are many other drawbacks about this website, so we decided to find them and highlight them for your convenience before you make up your mind whether to use this service or not.

Range of Services: What does Paperhelp offer?

Paperhelp offers a limited range of services. To be more precise, they offer assistance with high school essays, personal statements, research papers, and term papers which is rather narrow. Also, they claim to provide each customer with high-quality service, which is not true. If you check out the reviews about the Paperhelp service online, you will get to know that most of the users were unhappy about their assistance. So you would better use another custom writing service.

Paperhelp Services

Pricing and Discount Policy

The prices depend on such factors as urgency, number of pages, word count, and academic level like in any other similar writing service company. However, it is rather weird that there is no clear and concise data about the prices on their website. There is a calculator where you might count the approximate amount of money you should pay for your paper. It is rather inconvenient to use this calculator if you want to compare Paperhelp prices with the prices of another service.

Paperhelp Pricing

Quality: Are the papers of proper quality?

No way we can call the quality of Paperhelp service good. Moreover, it is not a mediocre one, either. The vast majority of essays, according to customer reviews, are of very poor quality. They contain a lot of grammatical mistakes and typos. What is more, they are not original. Meaning, the writer just copied and pasted the information they found on the Internet and sent it to you. Isn’t it unprofessional? Of course, it is. So you would rather avoid using Paperhelp if you want to earn the highest grade.

Guarantees: What does Paperhelp promise?

Sure, the company wants to stand out in the crowd telling that their services are the best. However, it is sad to mention that the guarantees of the company are completely neglected. For instance, they say the essay will be delivered earlier than the deadline. The truth is that these guys often ignore the deadline and send the essay whenever they wish. Also, they promise to give you money back if it happens, but the truth is that you might get only a partial refund. What is more, you should take a lot of effort to prove you were right.

Support: Are they friendly?

The good news about Paperhelp is that there are several options to keep in touch with customer support. For instance, you might contact them by a live chat option, Messenger, Email, or call them by phone. Unfortunately, even though they are available 24/7 you will have to wait for a long time until they give you a response. So if you would like to save your time, you would rather utilize other custom writing services.

Online Reputation: What do people say about it?

Most of the customers complain about two things: poor quality and no refund. To be more precise, they say that the writers use paraphrasing tools trying to compose a paper, so the essays are not readable at all. Moreover, you will not get a full refund for such a poor quality since their dispute managers judge in a way it is beneficial for the company, not you.

Paperhelp Review

Pros and Cons

The pros of the service:

  • 24/7 customer support.

The cons about Paperhelp:

  • very poor quality;
  • unfair money back policy.


All things considered, it seems like these guys are not serious about reaching their goals and mission, proclaimed at their homepage. If you do not want to have troubles with your essay and professor, you would better choose another custom writing service for your pleasure.

FAQ – People want to know about

Is my private information confidential?

Paperhelp promises to keep all your personal data in secret. They claim that they will never sell it to other companies. However, some of the customers say they were bombarded with dozens of messages to their email addresses after they utilized the Paperhelp service. So it is possible to assume that these guys are hiding the real facts from their customers. If you do not want to be emailed with a number of spam messages, you would better opt for another website.

How can I place my order?

There are several steps you will have to follow in order to place your order. Firstly, you will need to register online. Secondly, you will have to add the requirements for the paper you want. Thirdly, pay for your order. As soon as you paid, the company will begin to find a suitable writer for you. Once they find him or her, the writer will begin to work on your essay. When the final version of the essay is ready, they will send you your essay. In general, there is nothing special about the ordering process for Paperhelp.

Can I write to my writer directly?

You might keep in touch with your writer and message them directly whenever you like. Also, if you need to attach some materials to them, you might download up to 20 MB of files. Unfortunately, it is impossible to add more than this number of files to your writer with no obvious reason. If your writer seems silent, you may write to the customer support representative and ask them to push the writer.

Can I modify my order?

To tell the truth, you may ask the writer to change the order before he or she was assigned to it. Just contact the customer support representative and specify what you need. However, once the writer is assigned, you cannot change anything about the paper, which is quite sad. So you would better be attentive and accurate when creating and placing your order on Paperhelp. Use other websites if you want to change your order whenever you like.

When will I receive my paper?

When you place the order, you should specify the deadline. So when the essay is ready, you will receive a notification telling you that you might download your paper. There are several ways of how you might download your paper. For instance, you might download them in doc/docs/ppt/pptx/csv format or any other that you mentioned in your instructions. In general, the essay will be sent to you before the deadline. Paperhelp writers promise to deliver the essay even earlier, but they rarely keep their promises.

What should I do when the paper is late?

First of all, you will have to contact the customer support representative and explain the situation to them. In case, it is the fault of the writer, Paperhelp promises to give you a full refund. However, the reality is that they never actually do it. It is difficult to prove the dispute manager who works for them that it is not you to blame. The most they can do is to give you a partial refund which is not enough though. If you want fair treatment, use other services.

How is the price for my paper calculated?

The lowest price for your essay is $10. If you want a paper of better quality, a greater number of pages, larger word count, and more features, you should pay more. Note that Paperhelp offers a 15% discount for loyal customers. It is worth mentioning that the prices for the service are medium ones if compared to others online. So, you will not save a lot of money using this custom writing service. Hence, you would better use a more generous company.

What if I will not be happy with the quality of my paper?

Paperhelp promises to provide you with a high-quality paper. However, the truth is that they do it rarely. So if you are not pleased with the quality of your essay, you might ask for a revision. Fortunately, the revisions are free, so you do not lose money. However, you lose time which is even more precious than money. So make up your mind yourself whether to use Paperhelp or not.