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September, 2020 Last Update

Do you wonder where to ask for help with your academic assignment paper? This is a long-standing question. But so many students still can’t find the service with great quality services. Can we say that myassignmenthelp.com is the one? This online company can hardly be the best service for students. And there are several reasons for it. If you want to learn in more detail, let’s find out more about MyAssignmentHelp service.

Range of Services

When you visit the website, you see an intricate interface. If you haven’t worked with the service before, you may get confused with extra features. If you open the page with available services, you will find almost the same range of options as many other company offers. You can ask for essay writing. You can also order editing or proofreading options. There are different features for users. But are they worth your money?

Myassigmenthelp Services

Pricing and Discount Policy

When you decide to order the paper from MyAssignmentHelp, you need to be ready to look carefully for the pricing. When you open the website, there is no information about the prices for the paper. To learn the price, you have to wait. In general, the prices are average on the market. But if you need some extra features, you will have to pay more. The writer will do additional work for you if you are ready to pay some extra money.

Quality of the Papers

Do you need an essay writing service to be of good quality? This is one of the most important things when it comes to online paper writing services. Working with online companies such as myassignmenthelp.com is always a great risk. Thus, you have to check whether the quality of the services is satisfactory.

Unfortunately, users complain about the quality of the services at MyAssignmentHelp. They also say that managers don’t do their work appropriately.


When you start working with an online company, you risk your time, money, and anonymity. For this reason, sound guarantees are what can ensure a long relationship with the service. However, at myassignmenthelp.con, you won’t get what you expect. You can ask for revisions if anything is wrong with the final paper. But the chances are low that you will get it for free. You can also ask to get your money back. But there are many details that can hamper you from returning the money.

Customer Support

Customer support is another important element for successful cooperation with the students. Unfortunately, not every service takes it responsibly. myassignmenthelp.com isn’t an exception. People who have already worked with the company agree that the service doesn’t mind customer support at all. If you are a lucky one, you will get competent help promptly. But it most cases, support managers are reluctant to answer the question or react to requests.

Myassigmenthelp Support

Online Reputation

Online reputation is another crucial issue that every student has to consider. Before you start working with the company, you look for feedback from the clients. It always helps to see whether the service is credible and helps its students a lot. Or this is a scam, and it better to avoid working with the company. myassignmenthelp.com doesn’t have a perfect online reputation. Students complain about the services and the competence of the company. You can prevails over them.

Myassignmenthelp Review

Pros and Cons

Working with myassignmenthelp.com can be beneficial. If you are ready to wait for more than it is defined in the deadlines. If you have enough money to cover additional services, you can start cooperation with myassignmenthelp.

But there are a few things for your consideration.

  • you can never know what kind of paper you get. It can a plagiarized document full of mistakes. Do you want to come up with a bad-quality work?
  • you can’t expect good service from the support team. The managers hesitate to answer the questions. Or they don’t provide competent help.

Verdict and Conclusions

If you have time and money, you can waste it working with the company. But if you want to receive a well-written paper, you’d better choose another service. Here you won’t find expert help for your academic paper assignments.

FAQ: let’s answer the most popular questions

Will I get a unique paper at CustomWrirings?

Writers who work in the company are supposed to provide unique papers for the students. But in reality, the situation is different. Many students say that they got badly written documents. Moreover, the paper seemed to be plagiarized. Nevertheless, the company says that writers do the papers down the scratch, there are doubts about it.

Are there any money-back guarantees at myassignmenthelp.com?

When you cooperate with any online service for paper writing, you should expect money-back guarantees. Even if this is the best paper writing service, you can still find something to make you get the money back. In such cases, the company should follow coherent rules. Unfortunately, myassignmenthelp doesn’t have a strict system related to this question. You can find their money-back guarantee policy. But in reality, you will find it difficult to get the refunds.

Is the ordering process easy?

When you visit the website, you will find the filling form. This is a usual step before you place the order and pay for it. But in this case, you will have to answer a whole lot of questions. Most of them are redundant and have no connections with the actual order. Nonetheless, you will have to answer them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to continue with the ordering procedure.

When will the order be ready?

When you place the order, you mention the timing. The deadline is the time that you need to wait to get your paper. However, before the order is being processed, the company starts looking for a writer. It usually takes some time, and you have to wait. Otherwise, the order won’t be processed. People also say that writers can miss the deadline. Such cases are rare, but they are still present when you work with myassignmenthelp service.

Who will write the paper for me at myassignmenthelp?

On the Website, you can find the information about the writers. This is said to be a team of professionals who care a lot about the final results. They are supposed to be native speakers or great ESL students. But the results speak for themselves. In the final papers, students find different mistakes. These are awkward and can’t be done by a professional writer. The texts can also have a high level of plagiarism, which proves little competence of the writers.

Does myassignmenthelp.com have categories for the writers?

This is true. To make the work easier and more comfortable writers are categorized. There are 3 categories. You can ask for an available writer. But remember that these writers get more negative feedback about their work. Then you can benefit from cooperation with an advanced writer. And the last category is a native speaker. Frankly speaking, all of them can have negative comments related to their work. But if you can choose, prefer an advanced writer or a native speaker.

Can I get the paper earlier?

The deadline issue is very controversial. Some students say that they get the papers on time. Some agree that the deadline isn’t the priority for the writers, and they can miss it. One way or another, you won’t probably get the paper earlier. You can ask for such an option, but you will definitely have to pay more. This is said to be an additional feature.