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September, 2020 Last Update

If you look at the homepage of the Grademiners website, you will find out the picture that is placed below. This picture supposes you to relax and enjoy the service you paid your money for. However, is Grademiners’ service really reliable? We checked a number of comments about the service, claiming that the overall quality of the assistance is not good. If it is possible to describe the quality of Grademiners service in one word, the word “frustrating” will be exactly the right word to use. Let’s figure out why we think so.  

Range of Services: What Does Grademiners Offer?

The good news about the service is that they offer a wide range of services. The bad news about it is that not all of them are quality ones. For instance, it often happens that if you need a lab report in Chemistry, your order is assigned to a writer who has not a clue in this discipline. Even though Grademiners claim to employ only people with a degree in a certain discipline, the orders are distributed in the wrong way without taking account of personal academic achievements. They just make money, you know.

Grademiners Services

Pricing and Discount Policy

It is disappointing to mention that the pricing policy is rather unfair. For instance, the lowest price for a high school paper is $18,19 whereas the lowest price of other companies for similar service is below $10. Isn’t it too much for 7 days one-page paper? We guess you would better opt for choosing another writing service to save your money. To be more precise, you might use Domain.com and take advantage of the good quality of the assistance and rather low prices and discounts. 

Grademiers Calculator

Quality: Is This Service A Good Fit?

Grademiners claims on their website that they provide their customers only with high-quality papers. For instance, they say that you might get assistance with more than 50 subjects which is beneficial. However, they hardly mention whether such assistance will be a quality one. There are many testimonials online claiming that the customers were disappointed when utilizing the Grademiners service. Most of them were unhappy because of plagiarism and the terrible quality of the essays they received.

Guarantees: What Does The Company Grant?

There are several things the company claims to guarantee: 100% originality, timely delivery, money-back guarantee, and complete confidentiality. Speaking about the uniqueness of the papers, it is sad to mention that the papers contain a huge percentage of plagiarism. Secondly, sometimes the deadlines are not followed as well as the instructions. Thirdly, the money is given back only in partial amount so you should never expect a full refund. It is difficult to figure out whether the confidentiality of information is present. Time will show, though, whether this promise is true.  

Support: Are These Guys Polite?

If you want to ask a question or need some assistance, there are two main ways you can do it. First of all, you may call them by phone. Secondly, you might write them a message via a live chat option. However, you should not expect a fast reaction. Sometimes, it might take you half an hour to get an answer to your query. In general, the performance of the customer support is acceptable, but the thing you should wait for a lot of time till they respond makes it difficult to call them professional.

Grademiners Support

Online Reputation: What Is The Feedback About The Service Online?

The overall number of customers complain about the impossibility to get your money back, which is proof that the company does not keep their promises. Therefore, there are many customers who call the company a scam. For instance, one customer said that the only thing they returned to her was 20% of the total cost of the service, which is ridiculous.

Grademiners Scam Report

Pros and Cons

The pros of the service:

  • Various options to contact a customer support representative.

The cons of the service

  • Terrible quality of the service
  • No money-back guarantee


To sum up, Grademiners offers quite poor quality of the service. They do not keep their initial promises which makes them untrustworthy company. Therefore, we would recommend you using another custom writing service company. For example, if you need high-quality service and timely delivery, you are recommended to use Domain.com, which is much better, if compared to Grademiners.

FAQ – The Customers Also Ask About…

Where Are The Writers From Grademiners From?

The company is located in Ukraine. So it is possible to assume that the writers that are employed there are Ukrainians too. Even though the company promises to provide you with the assistance of only native English speakers, we guess you understand that you will hardly find any English speaker in Ukraine working for a writing company. So do not expect too much from Grademiners, just accept the reality even if it is sad.

Do Grademiners Employ Proofreaders And Editors?

Yes, there are some people who are called editors and proofreaders. However, the quality of their work is rather poor if we take into account the feedback online about the quality of the Grademiners service. For instance, many customers detect the plagiarism, simply after they check the paper by a plagiarism control tool. So the question arises: “What are these guys doing at the company if they fail to find the number of plagiarism in every regular paper?”

Which Papers Do The Grademiners Writers Write?

According to the company’s website, Grademiners might help you with more than 50 subjects. They say they can cope with any kind of paper of various academic levels. However, why then there are so many negative reviews about the quality of their assistance. We guess it is because they care more about the quantity, not the quality of the papers they generate, which is frustrating.

Are The Deadlines Strictly Followed?

One of the company’s guarantees is that the writers will deliver the papers on time. Moreover, they promise you that they will send the final draft even earlier than the actual deadline is for you to check it out and decide whether you need a revision. Even though the company claims that you should just sit and relax, you will have to do a lot of things before your paper gets a status “Finished”. For instance, you will have to proofread your paper which is not your duty at all.

Will My Paper Be 100% Original?

We do not tell fairytales to our users so we will tell the truth. To be more precise, the company grants the complete originality of your essays. However, it seems like they do it only to draw the customer’s attention and stand out in the crowd of other competitors. The truth is that you will find, at least 10% of plagiarism in any paper. Unfortunately, the quality assurance department hardly manages to cope with their duties at Grademiners. 

Are There Any Revisions Possible?

Grademiners claim they can give you a chance to get a revision within 14-30 days after you receive your final paper. They promise that all the revisions are free and you may ask for them for an unlimited number of times. However, can you imagine how frustrating it gets to your writer to make a revision over and over again for free? We guess your writer will not be happy because of it, and it might hurt his or her feelings. So possibly, your revised paper might be even of worse quality than it has been earlier.

Are There Various Payment Options?

Yes, the company claims to accept several types of payment. For instance, you may pay by American Express, Discover, VISA, or Master Card. The Grademiners promise their payment is safe and secure and that your money is in good hands. Nevertheless, it might be considered not to be the truth since many customers complain they did not receive the total sum of money they paid back and got only hardly 20% of the entire sum.

Is My Personal Information Safe?

Despite the fact the company promises to keep your personal data confidential, there are some extraordinary cases that prove it wrong. For instance, some customers began to be sent a number of spam messages to their emails offering similar services. So it might be possible to assume that personal information might be sold to other companies.

Is Grademiners A Scam? 

For some people, it is a scam while for others, it is not. People who used Grademiners service claim it is a scam when the others who have not already tried it say it might not be a scam. Do you feel the difference? If you want to find a trustworthy custom writing company of high-quality service, you would better try Domain.com, which is a much better one.