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September, 2020 Last Update

According to the official information on the website, Essayshark claims to offer a rather cheap service. However, should the amount of money you pay, help you make up your mind whether to use this service or not? Is Essayshark worth using when you should pay the least sum of money? Let’s find the answers to these questions here.

Essayshark About

One more thing that Essayshark promises to suggest is a high quality of papers and no plagiarism. We will prove whether this data is true in this review.

Range Of Services: What Services Does Essayshark Offer?

Essayshark offers quite a wide range of services but do not expect too much from them. First of all, the company works according to the bidding system. It means that when the writer sees the order that sounds interesting for them, they place a bid, and the customer makes up their mind whether to accept and hire this or that writer. However, if you need a complicated paper like a dissertation or thesis, you should not expect to receive many bids to select from. So to conclude, you would rather utilize another website, to help you with your thesis or dissertation piece of writing.

Pricing and Discount Policy

Essayshark’s pricing policy is not rather transparent. You will not find any data about the prices. The only thing you will find is the information telling you that the prices are low. Also, there is an online calculator to count the amount of money you should pay for your paper. Besides, there is no clear data about discounts on the company’s website, no matter how hard you try to find it. Meaning, these guys do not want you to save but want to make money on you as much as possible. However, the positive thing is that they mention they can give you money back in some circumstances though…

Quality: Is Essayshark Worth Using?

If you want to find the answer to this question, you would rather be directed to check out the comments about Essayshark online. Despite the fact, the company promises your essays will be generated only by native English speakers, the papers they produce contain too many grammatical mistakes and typos. So it proves they are wrong and directly lie to their potential customers. All in all, the vast majority of customers left negative testimonials about their experience using Essayshark, so we would not recommend it to you either. 

Essayshark Advantages

Guarantees: What Does The Company Promise?

Like many similar companies, this one grants to provide you with premium quality papers with 0% plagiarism and no grammatical mistakes. Also, they say the paper will be generated and delivered even earlier than your deadline. However, there are no proofs about these statements online. On the contrary, many students who utilized their service claim they will never go back and utilize their service one more time. 

Support: Are These Guys Friendly?

To tell the truth, this company does not promise anything about the customer support apart from the response within 6 minutes. So you should not expect the customer support representative to be friendly, polite, and professional. Just stay grateful for the thing they took their time to respond to you, and that’s it. Unfortunately…

Essayshark Customer Support

Online Reputation: What Do People Say About Essayshark?

According to the reviews online, we found out that the quality of the essays is rather poor. Also, it is worth admitting that the essays are generated not by native English speakers but by students of Ukrainian universities. Meaning, there is no point to mention that Ukrainians are not native English speakers, at least, the overwhelming majority of them. However, this is not the only thing customers complained about.

Essayshark Testimonials

Also, they would like to receive a higher grade for the essay they received, but they failed. Again, unfortunately.

Essayshark Review

Pros and Cons

The main pros of Essayshark:

  • Bidding system

The main cons of the company:

  • Wrong marketing strategy
  • No instant support


All things considered, no way we will recommend this terrible service to you guys because we are responsible for our words and pieces of advice. If it is possible, try to find a better website to help you with your writing stuff. However, the only thing we may recommend you is to use other website if you want to have higher grades for your academic essay.

FAQ – The Customers Would Like To Know More About

How Can I Place The Order?

There are a few steps for you to make when placing your order. First of all, you will need to register online. Secondly, after you added your data, you should specify all the details about your order. For instance, if your paper should be written in 3 pages using APA formatting style, you will have to mention this data as well. Then, you proceed with payment. As you pay, you may have a chance to choose the writer you like. However, it might take a long time for you to do it and check the profile and reputation of every single writer.

What Is The Formatting Style Of Essayshark Papers?

The website claims to follow the rules of formatting that you mentioned in the order form. For example, the writers can help you deliver the essay in APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago Turabian style. It depends on your specifications and requirements. However, note that sometimes the writers of Essayshark might ignore these rules unintentionally because of a lack of accuracy and attention to detail. So do not be too strict with them or choose another writing service company. 

Can I Submit The Order To Essayshark For Free?

You may do it fluently. However, still, you will have to add some money to your account, proving you can pay for the entire paper as well. Before you begin to cooperate with a certain writer, you might receive a 100-words introduction and check the writing style and skills of the writer. However, it will not guarantee that all the rest of your essay will be properly written since it is rather easy to compose an intro, unlike the main body and conclusion. 

When Will My Essay Be Delivered?

You will receive your paper accordingly to the requirements you place, creating the order form. It might be either 6 hours or two days, depending on your specifications. However, sometimes the essay deadline might be missed, so the company promises to give you a partial refund if it happens. If you are okay about possible deadline negligence, feel free to order a paper from Essayshark. However, if you need your essay to be delivered exactly according to your deadline, you would rather use another website.

In What Way I Will Receive My Essay?

There are two main ways of how you might receive your paper. Firstly, you may get them in MS Word form. Secondly, you might choose the PDF format of the document. When the essay is ready, you will have an opportunity to select the right essay format. Just click on the “Download” button and print your paper to hand your professor in.

What If I Dislike My Paper?

Unfortunately, note that you will not receive your money back 100%. The only thing you can do to prevent such a situation is to write your comments to the writer before he or she finishes to complete the order. As soon as the status of your order is “Finished,” there is nothing you can do to get your money back. The only thing you may do is to order one more opportunity to rewrite or edit your paper. However, you will have to pay additional bucks for that which is sad.

Where Is My Writer From?

According to the data on the official website, the company’s main office is in Cyprus. However, the writers might be from English-speaking countries. The interesting thing we found online is that Essayshark’s writers are from Ukraine, which means that your essay will not be written by an English-speaking person since the official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. So we would rather recommend you to utilize the help of more reliable websites.

Are There Any Discounts And Bonuses Possible?

The company claims that its prices are already affordable enough. No way they will give you a bonus or a discount of any kind. So if you want to save your money even being a loyal customer, you would rather utilize some other writing service.