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September, 2020 Last Update

Essaypro is a rather contradictory website, so we decided to check out whether it is worth using since it is on the market of custom academic essays for a long time. Is it good enough to be used by first-time students? Let’s find the answers to these and more questions.

Despite the fact Essaypro is a rather old company; still, there are many drawbacks to it. For instance, the thing which is quite important is absent here – this is pricing policy. The prices are not quite clear to be found out on the spot. It seems they are not affordable; therefore, they hide them so well.

Range of Services: Does Essaypro offer more?

Essaypro is like any other writing service companies. It offers quite a standard number and range of services. Even though it offers a service of creating essays and dissertations, it seems that the writers who are supposed to compose these papers are fake ones. There is a list of writers represented on the Essaypro homepage. However, they seem not to be real even if you are not an experienced user. The company claims to employ only native English speakers, but can such people work for this company for such a low income? We don’t think so. 

Essaypro Paperworks

Pricing and Discount Policy

Though there is an option to calculate the prices with the help of online calculator, still, the pricing policy is not very suitable. If we compare the prices of Essaypro with the prices of other writing agencies, we will find out that they are not reasonable and their service is too expensive. The lowest price for 1 page paper of 275 words for two weeks is $10,8, which is more than it is on other writing service websites. So we do not recommend Essaypro to students on a tight budget.


Quality: Is It Acceptable?

The Essaypro website claims that the quality of their services is rather good and even a premium one. However, we noticed the totally opposite thing. We checked the reviews about Essaypro online and found out that the vast majority of the customers claim the quality of the Essaypro service is rather poor.   

The customers detected many grammatical errors. What is more, they noticed plagiarism, which is absolutely unacceptable for a company of such a long history.

Guarantees: Is Essaypro a Reliable Company?

Despite the fact the Essaypro company has been on the market for more than 20 years, it seems like these guys are not really responsible. For instance, they say that the quality of their service is very high when, in reality, it is about to be called poor. Also, they claim the website is user friendly. However, we noticed that you could hardly figure out the price of the essay you order on this website. It seems like they are trying to hide the reality and deceive the customer.

Support: Is Essaypro Support Professional?

It is a big minus that Essaypro offers the support option only by writing a message on live chat. However, it is impossible to call the customer support representative directly and fix the issue quickly. Instead of that, you should take efforts and compose a message online. We found it rather inconvenient for people who prefer speaking instead of writing. Also, it seems obvious that people who do not like writing will dislike utilizing the service where they have to write. It is a bit strange that the company does not understand such simple logic.


Online Reputation: Is Essaypro Well-Rated?

Most of the customers are unhappy about the quality of the Essaypro service. Also, some of them admit that they encountered some obstacles trying to pay and confirm the payment which is a big disadvantage. So it is possible to assume that the Essaypro service is a scam.


Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at Essaypro pros:

  • money back guarantee;
  • 24/7 customer support.

Let’s check out the Essaypro cons:

  • poor essays quality;
  • no call option;
  • issues with payment procedure.


To sum up, we strongly not recommend you using such an unreliable website. There are many other writing service websites on the market that offer far better assistance. If you do not want to lose your money and temper, you would better consider trying something else.

FAQ – Most Customers Ask About

Is Essaypro Safe To Use?

As long as there is no clear data about the pricing policy on this website, it is difficult to say whether the company is safe and secure to use. Also, many customers claim that the papers they received were full of grammatical mistakes and typos. What is more, the list of writers that you are supposed to choose ordering a paper seems to be not real but about fake people. However, if you want to stay naive, you may use this website fluently.

Can I Choose The Writer From Essaypro?

You may select the writer you like from the list of writers mentioned after you specify your requirements and pay. As soon as you do it, you may choose whatever writer you want who is currently available. However, even though the company promises to provide you with the assistance of native English speakers, it seems that this information is not true. We guess people who work there are totally non-English speakers because of the large number of compliments about the quality of the service by customers.

Are Essays Affordable To Buy?

In fact, the prices for essaypro writing service are rather high. They are more than average ones on the market of custom writing services. So if you are a student on a tight budget, you would rather select another company to help you with your essay. If you feel like not in the mood to lose your money and time, Essaypro website is not for you. However, if you do not care about the quality, you might take a risk and order a paper from Essaypro.

Is It Safe To Pay For His Service By Credit Card?

According to testimonials, we found online about Essaypro; many customers complain about the fact it is difficult and even impossible to confirm the payment. Maybe, this is because of the money machinations by this writing service company, no one knows. Nevertheless, we are here to introduce these facts to you because we are responsible for the things we write and the information we spread. Therefore, you would rather be careful using various payment options the company suggests.

Is Essaypro Legit?

If you have a look at the company’s website, of course, you will find out that they say they are legit organization. However, sincerely speaking, we are not sure about that. Customers who utilized their service are often and frequently upset about the fact they trust them and proceed with their payment but finally received a paper of the very poor quality. So you would better read the reviews and comments about this website in order not to be ripped off.

How Fast Can Essaypro Writers Compose The Essay?

The website homepage claims that they are able to generate the paper for you within 6 hours. Also, they promise to deliver you the essay even earlier than the actual deadline is in order for you to check whether the revision is needed. However, the truth is that many customers left their negative comments about the late delivery of the essays. Some of them state that the deadline they mentioned in the instructions was severely ignored. Therefore, we do not think Essaypro is a good fit for you. 

Are There Any Free Stuff?

There are several free features about the website, such as free plagiarism report, formatting, title page, outline, and the possibility to choose the writer you like. However, is that enough? No way you will get a bonus or a discount for the Essaypro service. It looks like the company is rather mean and greedy. They do not like to lose money, and you are exactly the one they want to make money on, if you don’t mind, of course…

Are The Essays Free From Plagiarism?

The website promises to provide you only with high-quality and 100% plagiarism-free essays. However, these promises are fake because the customers tend to find many grammatical mistakes in the papers they receive as well as plagiarism cases. For instance, some of the essays contain even 50% of copied material, which is a solid reason to avoid cooperating with Essaypro.